Monday, February 1, 2010

New Web Site

Sometimes in the business of art making one needs to pay more attention to the business rather than the making. This past week I have launched a new web site for my work. is the new place to find my work. is still up and running. We have plans to revamp that site which will be the place to see what is going on at the gallery and the studio. When I say I have launched a new site I should really say Melanie has launched a new site. Melanie Lundheim of Good Copy Fast in Minnetonka put the new site up very quickly from the content I sent her. Melanie also is a terrific copy writer and editor. I should also mention she is my daughter.
Please check out the new site and stay tuned for more updates. I hope to be learning soon about the Children's Hospital Project and I will be updating about the Cyrus Bench, the St. Frank Birdbath and a new project I just got, The Peace Church Project, Duluth, MN.


  1. Nice work Tom. I love the site. It's sweet! Melanie did a marvelous job. It is a class act...just like you.
    I love the blogging too.
    Congrats on the Peace Church project.

  2. Congrats on the Peace Church project, Dad. We hope you get the Children's Hospital project, too! It's fun that there's a little part of you all over the Twin Cities: Muffuletta in St. Paul, The Loon Cafe in Minneapolis, the mall in North Oaks, and even out by us at Lord Fletcher's on Lake Minnetonka. The list goes on. Keep up the great work!