Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good News

Good news, it has been a long held goal of mine to be represented by a quality gallery in a large market. I now have Xanadu Gallery representing me in Scottsdale online.
They have a unique method of partnering with artists in the online gallery. They promote the virtual gallery to their clients and to visitors stopping in at the Scottsdale location. After an artist proves themselves they are invited to show in the physical gallery as well.
Marcia and I were visiting two weeks ago and stopped in at Xanadu. There we met Elaine who is an enthusiastic supporter of the gallery artists. She was interested to find I did sculpture and asked for my web address. The result is Xanadu will represent me in the huge Scottsdale art market.
I feel blessed to add them along with Last Chance in Lutsen and Grand Hand in St. Paul as partners in my art career.