Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Duluth Public Art Project (DPA)

Off with his head, weld on the support

On with his head

The wire mesh on styro to hold the clay in place,  I'll have to remove this head too for the support rod

A brain storm. While working on the figures and thinking ahead to the mold making process I came up with this idea. Why not create a way to support the figures horizontally to facilitate mold making? The rubber mold material always sags and runs down before it hardens when applied on vertical surfaces. These figures are so big I was concerned about obtaining good results so why not make them to fit a rotisserie? I cut off the heads and welded an extension to the steel armature. Now I will be able to support them from both ends and turn them to make the mold application easier.

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  1. Great idea! Can't get this from a book...experience only.